Air Pollution - The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is preamble of chemicals, particulate substance or biological materials which reason harm to humans or other living things and it damages the natural surroundings into the atmosphere.

Human being almost initially skilled harm from air pollution due to the fires in ventilated caves so more of the earth's surface moved out on to pollute. The earth has its own ability to get rid of impurity, absorbs and purifies the slight quantity of pollution so environmental pollution problems become local and minor.

The main issue growing air pollution problem is the industrialization of civilization, the introduction of mechanical vehicles, so it is very important to find the methods to purify the air. The Carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides are primary air pollutants which found in most urban areas and these pollutants are causes high serious health problems, even in our home also we can not escape from pollution, the Environmental protection agency (EPA) reported in 1985 that the toxic chemicals in every American home likely to cause some kind of cancer than the out door pollutants.

The health problems in (miller 488) these buildings are called "Sick building syndrome". Now expected one fifth to one third of all U.S buildings are considered "sick". An EPA has found that the air in some offices (Miller 489) buildings is 100 times polluted than the outdoor air. Due to poor ventilation about half of the indoor air gets pollution problem. And other rest comes from specific sources like telephone cables, electrical copying machine etc.

The atmosphere is a natural gaseous system which is essential to support life on planet earth stratospheric ozone deletion, so due to air pollution has long been as recognized as a threat to human health as well as the earth's ecosystem.

Air pollution is caused by
1. The burning of fuel in huge amount and it cause increase of carbon dioxide resulting in global warm,
2. The chemical released by the industries, vehicles and etc.
3. Deforestation also phases a fraction of causing the pollution and to warm the globe.
4. Human being activities and natural actions and etc.

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Air Pollution - The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

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This article was published on 2010/03/30