Decoration Pollution Causes Many Damages

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What damages does the house decoration pollution bring to human beings? Among many pollutants, formaldehyde is the most harmful. It is a recognized carcinogen, strongly stimulating the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract mucosa. As a result, people feel fatigue, chest stuffiness, distracted, and allergic and the immunity system, the nervous system and the liver can be affected.

Generally speaking, wood-based panels, glue, interior wall coating, wooden furniture, wall papers, wall cloth, plaster, inferior all-purpose adhesive, foamed plastic, paint probably contain formaldehyde. There are other pollutants in decoration pollution such as TVOC.

Generally, the furniture we find in the market, no matter high- quality or low- quality, is made of wood-based panels, such as shaving board, MDF board, three-ply board and five-layer plywood, all of which contain formaldehyde, toluene, dimethylbenzene and other TVOC.

Besides, benzene is another "killer" in decoration pollution. It is a colorless gas with a special fragrant smell. When it is inhaled by people, the anesthesia of central nervous system occurs. It also can inhibit the hemopoiesis and decrease erythrocytes, leucocytes, platelets. Thus, aplastic anemia may occur. Women may also have period disorders. Leather, glue, paint and binder are main source of benzene.

Those harmful gases can not be volatilized in a short time, maybe done in a year or longer. Most people may know indoor pollution caused by decoration, but less know that the formaldehyde pollution in the kitchen is even more serious. Many people overlook the pollution caused by kitchen cabinet, table-board in the kitchen when they've already noticed that in the bedroom and living room.

There are mainly three sources of pollution in the kitchen: First, pollution caused by low quality materials: the kitchen cabinet takes up 1/3 area of the kitchen. Thus, if the main material can not meet the standard, formaldehyde and other harmful substances can be volatilized faster when cooking.

Second, pollution caused by the table-board: some table-boards are made of the granite which has radioactive substances. Or some are made of artificial stones which are added by some cheap chalk and silica flour. Those substances contain plenty of TVOC.

Third, pollution caused by auxiliary materials: if the field installation of integral ambry is not carried out correctly, for example, using too much glue, or the edge of board not sealed tightly, harmful substances can be released and cause tears and rash of people.

From above, we should keep an eye on the decoration of bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. Try to decrease the harms caused by the decoration pollution as much as possible.

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Decoration Pollution Causes Many Damages

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This article was published on 2011/01/07