Every Type Of Pollution Including Land Pollution

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Pollution is a threat to life that we only know too well about. It is all around us. From the air that we breathe, to the water that we drink, to the food that we eat, everything that surrounds us is a manifestation of some type of pollution or the other. Pollution can be defined as the contamination of the earth's environment with materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life, or the natural functioning of ecosystems". Another very apt definition, although it is not very scientific in nature, is pollution is caused by a wrong substance in a wrong quantity in the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Pollution can firstly be distinguished into two different kinds. The first type of pollution is natural pollution while the second is manmade pollution. The pollution that is caused due to natural reasons does not hold out as too much of a threat to life, as its effect is managed by nature itself. However, pollution that is caused due to human activity is one that takes a longer time to even out, and its effects are far more harmful on the environment and on human life. the two main reasons for the amount of pollution being so high due to human causes is because of the unchecked increase in population, and technological improvements in the last two hundred years.

There are more distinctions made further in the field of pollution. There are six types of pollution that are caused due to mans activities: Air Pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution, Noise pollution, radioactive pollution and Thermal pollution.

Land pollution is also sometimes termed as soil pollution. Land pollution takes place in several ways. The main reasons for this kind of pollution is the dumping of solid waste, the collection of non-biodegradable materials, the process of chemicals turning into poisonous substances, and the changing of the chemical composition of the soil. Soil pollution is a hazard that makes a long standing effect on all that is encompassed on this planet.

Here are some of the effects of land pollution:

1. It leads to at least 6 million hectares of land being lost every year.
2. It leads to the wastage of 24 billion tons of topsoil every year.
3. Almost a total of 15 million acres of land that could have been used for farming and agricultural purposes are being lost every year. This is due to mismanagement and overuse of the land.
4. The process of desertification leads to at least 16 million square miles of the land surface of the planet.

The process of land pollution, as we can see is one that is going to adversely affect our future. This is true of every type of pollution that we face, and it is some thing that is life threatening. We need to take adequate steps to see that this is not the cause of a mass death of not only humans, but other animals and plants too.
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Every Type Of Pollution Including Land Pollution

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This article was published on 2010/12/14