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Abstract: Over the years, the Huaihe River water pollution has become a national leader not only became the focus of civilians, the paper reviews the results of the Huaihe River water pollution and prevention, and introduced the current situation and problems of water pollution, and finally made some water pollution control proposals. Key words: Huaihe River; water pollution; control

Across the Huai River Basin in Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, has a very important strategic position, is China One of the seven basin. The whole drainage area 270 000 km 2 , Accounting for an area of less than 3%, has a population of 150 million is arable land area of more than 1300 million hm 2 , Account for the national total of 1 / 8.

15 years ago, raising 5 million of China's 100 million population of the Huaihe River have caused serious pollution accidents, pollution of River formed with up to 70 km, resulting in loss of a billion dollars. This accident clean-up, opened the prelude to the Huaihe River pollution control, our government first large-scale remediation project to begin. However, after 15 years, the Huaihe River Water Pollution Still exist.

1 Review and results of control of water pollution problems

The past, the beautiful Huaihe River. "Walking away a thousand million, as both sides Huaihe River." "Jianghuai cooked, the world is enough." This description of the old songs are beautiful Huaihe River. After 80 years of the 20th century, with the Huai River Basin Economy Fast Developing And urbanization, watershed Water pollution Growing end at 1989, 1992, 1994 basin-wide outbreak of serious pollution incidents, and tributaries of the pollution incident after another, there is such a song reflecting the process of Huai River water quality: 50's wash rice vegetables, Laundry sixties irrigation, water quality deterioration seventies, eighties fish peerless, physical and psychological harm nineties. 3 major pollution accidents to fully reveal the Huaihe River Basin Water Pollution Control in long-term, complex and arduous nature of the preparation of river basin water pollution control planning ideas along with the water Environment Knowledge of the protection of the deepening and gradually adjusted.

Huaihe River water pollution began in 1994, the state will control pollution in the Huaihe River as the management of "three rivers" and "three lakes" of the first. CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to harness the years, the provinces adopted a structural adjustment Industry Pollution prevention, sewage treatment plants, agricultural pollution treatment in a series of measures. Overall, four provinces along the Huaihe River in the context of rapid economic growth, total emissions decreased Huaihe River Basin, water quality has improved to some extent, the past trend of pollution in the Huaihe River have high-speed initial stop, the Huaihe River pollution decade results significantly.

2 status and problems of water pollution Huai River Water Pollution Control

achieved initial success, but from the national plan for the remediation objectives and requirements of the masses are still considerable gaps. The four provinces along the Huaihe River is still high economic growth, population growth, urbanization, watershed, "15," Water Pollution Prevention situation is very serious, and pollution control has been achieved is still fragile, if not take over the conventional approach, the Huaihe River "15" pollution control difficult to achieve, can not solve old problems, new problems will become more prominent.

2.1 pollution control systems and mechanisms yet to be straightened

Water management and pollution control have not formed a coherent management system, the situation on lack of progress in pollution control and effective supervision and the necessary incentive mechanisms; most of the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant did not implement market-oriented operation, diversified investment mechanism has not yet formed; without establishing a unified monitoring and information dissemination mechanisms. Ability of the existing regulatory environment, pollution of Huaihe not suited to the needs of the new situation, common law, low cost, high cost of compliance and enforcement issues.

2.2 pollution a serious shortage of inputs

Huaihe River water pollution, "September 5" plan calls for 16.6 billion investment, actual investment of 66%. Huai River pollution control, "15" 25.6 billion funding plan arrangement, there are 17.3 billion funding gap. 161 sewage treatment basin-wide projects, only 17% of the projects completed, 29% in construction, there are 86 urban sewage treatment projects yet to start. Pollution control facilities lagged behind, especially in urban sewage treatment plants and the slow, serious non-matching pipe network.

2.3 a serious lack of basic ecological

Present, the size of the Huaihe River Basin has more than 5,700 reservoirs, of which 36 large reservoirs. In addition, the size of dam built more than 5,000. Huaihe River Water Resources Development and utilization of over 60%. Watershed dam construction has changed too much spatial and temporal distribution of water, difficult to maintain the ecological flow, reduced self-purification ability of water, flood spillway, the dam on the savings of the high concentration of centralized sewage discharged, often lead to water pollution accident. Along the Huaihe River over the traditional irrigation methods, irrigation, low utilization factor. Industrial water recycling rate is less than 30%, use of inefficient and waste.

2.4 understanding pollution is not in place

Whole Huaihe River Basin in economically underdeveloped areas, "about economic development and environmental protection light" phenomenon is still very common, with waste of resources, environmental pollution, the cost of production in exchange for economic growth has not reversed. In some areas, pollution control projects do not pay attention to the urban sewage, garbage and other infrastructure is not active, even after the completion of difficult to ensure normal operation and can not play their due benefits. Individual districts serious local protectionism, laissez-faire attitude on illegal sewage.
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Huai River Water Pollution Control And Improvement Of The Current Situation And - Pollution, Water

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