Land Pollution- A Dangerous Type Of Pollution

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Everybody knows the threat to human life as well as life of animals and plants because of the creation of pollution. Pollution has become a part of our everyday life. All of the activities that we do in our everyday life, whether conscious or unconscious, tend to have an effect upon because of pollution Thus, a worthy definition for pollution would be as the contamination of the earth's environment with materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life, or the natural functioning of ecosystems". There is also another definition to the term pollution, and this definition, while not altogether scientific is also one that more people can easily understand. According to this definition, pollution is caused by a wrong substance in a wrong quantity in the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Characteristically, pollution can be divided into two groups. Pollution is mainly of two different types- natural pollution and manmade pollution. Not many people know that there is pollution that is caused due to natural agents. This kind of pollution is not as much as a threat to life, as its effects are taken care of within nature itself. The other kind of pollution, which is manmade pollution, is much worse for life and the environment on a whole. There are two primary reasons for pollution being as high as it is- the first is the unabated growth in human population, to such a degree that it is like a virus growth. The second reason for the pollution being so high is that technological advancements that would span centuries on a whole otherwise were managed with the last centuries alone.

Manmade pollutions are further diversified into six groups. These six type of pollution are Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land pollution, thermal pollution and radioactive pollution. Each type of pollution is caused due to excess levels of toxins in the different mediums, leading to problems to life on a whole.

Another terminology that is commonly used for land pollution is soil pollution. The pollution of the land takes place in a number of different ways. The primary reasons that pollution of this kind is caused are solid waste dumping, the hoarding of non-biodegradable materials, the toxicity of chemicals into much more poisonous substances, and hence because of all of these reasons, the soils chemical composition changes drastically. The effects of land pollution are hazardous to say the least, and one that will take many centuries to overturn.

Land pollution spoils everything that we get from nature, as our food, water and resource source all have their basis in the soil itself. Since even primal needs like food and water are adversely affected by the spoilage of the quality of the soil, it leads to the a situation, which is life-threatening to say the least. If adequate steps are not taken to see that we do away with this kind of pollution at the earliest, then we probably are wanting to hear the death knells being played right before us. Every type of pollution is bad, and hence, genuine efforts need to be made to see that they do not cause the issues that they already do.
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Land Pollution- A Dangerous Type Of Pollution

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This article was published on 2010/12/14